Hi, my name's Bart. I'm 36, born and raised in New Jersey. "Jack" is my middle name. I absolutely LOVE what I do and am blessed to work full time as a wedding photographer. I am currently based out of Northern New Jersey and the Sedona Arizona area. I've been a DJ since 2009 and a photographer since 2013. I pride myself on producing the highest quality work possible with a fun, friendly personality.


I study works by classic painters and portrait photographers to bring traditional lighting and photography styles into the 21st century by producing photos that are beautiful, elegant, and will stand the test of time. I can shoot in almost any style but enjoy utilizing shadows, color, and contrast coupled with gorgeous symmetrical compositions. 


My other hobbies include restoring cars (I've got a bunch!) and discovering new music. I spend most of the winter in the Southwest part of the US, but I'm available for weddings in NJ year-round. I enjoy watching documentaries in my spare time, so I'm constantly expanding my mind and attempting to learn new things. I also find myself spending a lot of time outdoors and exploring the country via long road trips (I've been to 46 states). I believe the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is paramount to growing as an individual and will continue to broaden my horizons in every way that I can. I'm humbled and grateful to have found lifelong passions in photography and music that I'm hoping to enjoy for the rest of my life.


I enjoy keeping my business small and run everything myself to keep things more personal. I'll always be onsite for your event and will never subcontract photography or DJ out to anyone, so you can be sure you're getting me every time.